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Laser Skin Tightening at Melbourne Cellulite Treatment: Treating Loose Skin with VelaShape II

Loose skin can be unattractive and it is an unwanted accessory of the body which carries a sagging look to it. This can be a result of many things such as rapid weight loss after rigorous exercise routines, post pregnancy, or even due to cellulite development and increasing age. To go under the knife can be a daunting and risky experience. Enter VelaShape II; an easy and painless way of body contouring, skin tightening and restoring one's figure without the use of surgery. VelaShape II is a popular alternative to fat cavitation with Melbourne clients for reducing fat content and tightening skin. If you're looking for effective laser skin tightening in Melbourne at an affordable price, contact the experts.

Before we get into the details of this revolutionary treatment, let's talk about the causes of skin loosening in detail.

Can age bring about sagging?

The human skin loses its elasticity with the onset of age. Collagen and elastin, the vital and supportive protein components of connective tissues, tend to reduce as we age. With the demise of these proteins, soft and supple skin begins to sag, imparting a droopy, flabby look to the body. As for the face, the muscles weaken with old age and causing drooping, not to mention the natural force of gravity having its inevitable effect.

How does weight loss cause drooping?

Losing excessive amounts of weight can lead to heavy sagging. Strenuous workout sessions to get burn off body fat or post-pregnancy loss of baby fat can cause the skin to loosen and sag.

Does the sun accelerate loosening too?

Regular, long-term exposure to sun may damage the collagen and elastin proteins of connective tissues, leading to early ageing, increased wrinkles and of course, sagging.

VelaShape II and its use in laser skin tightening at our Melbourne clinic:

VelaShape II is an FDA and TGA (Therapeutic Goods of Australia) cleared body contouring device that uses a combination of Bi-polar Radio frequency (RF) heat, powerful Infrared (IR) light, a mechanical system of suction and body massage. This is a highly effective fat removal technique compared with ultrasonic fat cavitation. At Melbourne Cellulite Treatment, we use VelaShape II for tightening and cellulite reduction.

How does the device work?

With its advanced laser technology, we recommend VelaShape II as another means of fat cavitation for our Melbourne clients. The device comprises of RF electrodes, an Infrared filter and a parabolic reflector with a small lamp. The device creates the effect of 'internal recomposition' and stimulates collagen production in connective tissues. It assists in the metabolism of the extra fatty layer beneath the dermis and reduces cellulite immensely. The effect of Radio frequency heat used in the device aids in tightening and firming. The mechanical suction and massage techniques assist in smoothening the surface to facilitate heat delivery and enhance oxygenation in the tissues.

Who are the best candidates for Velashape II treatments?

VelaShape II for laser skin tightening is commonly used by Melbourne clients of every body type, most skin types and age. The best candidates however are actually those individuals who combine Velashape II treatments with a healthy lifestyle of regular exercise, adequate water intake and a balanced nutritious diet. VelaShape is effective on all parts of the body unlike ultrasound fat cavitation which primarily targets the stomach.

What is the downtime of the procedure?

One of the best features of Velashape II treatments is that there is no down time for laser skin tightening patients in Melbourne. It is a day procedure that can performed even during a lunch break without the use of needles or surgery with every session lasting for about 20 to 40 minutes based on the area treated. Pain is also not an issue with most clients finding the treatment very therapeutic and relaxing.

If you want an all over, we recommend laser as an alternative to fat cavitation. Speak to our team of specialists to find why laser skin tightening at Melbourne Cellulite Treatment. Call 1300 682 002 or enquire online.

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